I want to apply for a driving license, what do I do?

If you are applying for the first time then you need to:

  • Collect a form for provisional driving license (cost AUD$1.50) at the Licensing Office - Highway Authority 
  • Fill out the form and bring it to the Traffic Unit at the Kiribati Police Service (Betio, Tarawa) to enable a 6 month driving training
  • After the 6 months lapsed you will undergo a driving test that will be conducted by the Traffic Unit.
  • If you pass the test, bring the signed form back from the Traffic Unit to the Licensing Office where a new driving license can then be issued

Other things required are:

  • A birth certificate available at the Ministry of Justice in Bairiki, Tarawa
  • 1 Passport-size photo
  • A police clearance from the Kiribati Police Service in Betio, Tarawa
  • A fee of AUD$15.00 for a driving license 1 year validity period